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George W. Bush's BUSHISMS!!
(c) Tom The Dancing Bug 2001
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Nearly 200 Bushisms listed here !
Updated on Fridays
(at least until this terrible day of September 11th, 2001, when the one known as "Dubya" turned suddenly into a great president, supported by 90% of the American citizens. "Thank you Ossama !")
(c) Ted Rall 2001
Warning : All the Bushisms presented on this site were first listed by Slate magazine, the almost amazing US webzine... Thank you to mention this site when using any of these bushisms ! And excuse my approximate english !
The translations in french are by us (
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Best Of in french : *LES PLUS FAMEUX BUSHISMES* (click here)

ENGLISH : Full & original version : *THE COMPLETE BUSHISMS* (click here)