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Liens de Jeunesse

(Il s'agit de l'ancienne page de liens commentés, et à connotation plus politique, notamment )




Weekly Blog. Neurastenia, blog frisant le minimalisme à force de laconisme, signale et indique une multitude de sites à connotation artistique : galeries d'artistes, musées ou encore sites à thèmes historiques. Bien qu'une certaine nostalgie pour des époques proches et révolues puisse transpirer dans le choix des images reproduites, les tons sont vifs, souvent énergiques, colorés. Le calme qui y règne est pour le moins reposant.
The Cartoonist
Daily Blog. The Cartoonist likes graphic websites, comics of all sorts, architecture, design and cool stuff in general.
Exclamation Mark
Daily Blog. Somewhat close to the Cartoonist, Exclamation Mark differed in his daring exploration of maybe wider galaxies: cool illustrations, oldies, remarkable things, etc --with a sometimes utter contempt for coherence that gave it all its charm. Now a hilarious (yet informative) B-Movie Review !
Excellent Daily Blog. From "Advertisng" to "Zen", Growabrain provides you fun, entertainment, and more serious matters to think about on a daily basis
PCL Linkdump
Daily Blog. Excellent choices in drawing, photo, design, oldies of all sorts and weird music.
Sugar'n Spicy
Monthly Blog. A very interesting source for vintage arts, vintage-looking websites. Cool design, too. Friendly, warm and soft as the remembrance of a children's party.
Giornale Nuovo
Weekly Blog. "... of Things near and far... An Accumulation of inconsequential Notices in the Shape of a Web-Log", says the epigraph. Very inspirational and creative, the design and sensibility of the Giornale Nuovoshow the author's predilection for the beautiful and quaint Arts of the Middle-Ages and of the Renaissance. The Author, who presents himself as "Mr H." in Sweden, is a person of an exquisite delicacy, as he proves in his various and interesting notes.
Things Magazine
Daily Blog. Comments on world life and numerous links toward very various fields of interest. Architecture, Design, Art History, politics. No images, just words, and thousands of billions of links. An inquiring and very (very) talkative counterpart to Neurastenia, that is.

What The Fuck!? v3.0 ...
The finest selection on the Internet

Daily. The WTF Team is a bunch of very idle, merry young websurfers in a hunt for the most delirious and weird web pages, articles and images, anything. Although they particularly enjoy good laughs, vomit, mad guys and naked babes, the WTF people also shows some political sensibility on the occasion (just joking : the political sensibility -if there is any, would be something I'd call funscism). Yep.

Never updated. Oh, well... Undescribable.A very impressive website -and oh! beautiful, in a weird, poetically twisted sort of way.



I love you, dude -I mean -like: "I love you, dude". ("La Cape Animale")
Nouvelles, articles, et présentation de "La malette Jaune" (Un passionnant "Sci-Fi Adventuresque Detective Novel", le roman de l'été !) ; les mots de Carole Boudebesse griffent, caressent, et parfois vous prennent à la gorge ; vraiment, il y a quelque chose de félin chez cette fille... "Coco Boom" is not only a talented artist, and a very funny, lively, passionate young person. She's my friend, goddammit.

Vintage / Epoques révolues

University of Glasgow : Emblems Website
Beaver biting his own testicles
A Taste of Horton - A selection of items from the Horton Collection of Children's Material - Gallery
Historical Fencing Manuals Online -- Swords & Swordsmanship
Catagory Search
Classic Good Girl and Romance Covers
Linda Hall Library - Exhibitions VOYAGES
Cover Art from Pulp Magazines, Periodicals and Vintage Magazines
Lisa's Web World--Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe
Dime Novels (Imagination): American Treasures of the Library of Congress
Postcards from the Attic :: Al Sessions, vintage postcards
German Propaganda Archive (Guide Page)
THELABELMAN.COM, Fruit Crate Labels, Can Label
.+.+. Retrolounge | bringing you the best of bygone eras .+.+.


Littérature &tc

Classical Authors Index
ClicNet vaste catalogue classé d'oeuvres sur le net
ATHENA: Pierre Perroud
ABU - CATALOGUE TEXTES - we are the & in copy & paste
Index de la bibliothèque électronique de Lisieux
Catalogue critique des ressources textuelles
La République des Lettres
L'Espace culturel du Min. des A.E (qq txt...)
Philosophie, education, culture
Les Classiques des sciences sociales: index

The Literature Network: Online literature for the student, educator, and enthusiast.
LA PORTE, portail de littérature nouvelle
Debordiana ; faux titre


Belles images



Miss Mary's Emporium of the Quaint and Curious
Victorian Links: Your Portal to All That's Victorian
Strange Benedictions
Old Time Cliparts
J.O.D's Old Fashioned Black and White Clip Art Collection, Joan O'Donovan
EyeWire: Products: Type: Image Club
TypePhases: Joan M. Mas' freeware fonts and dingbats


show and tell galleries
COMM 544 Image Library
Masters Of Photography
P. Fetterman (Photographic Works of Art) - Artists Gallery
Paris 1968 Posters - Introduction
Dadaists- List of artworks, by title
Search, Browse or Shop Our Online Catalog of Vintage Postcards
MONSIEUR PHOTO A gallery of antique Prints & maps, books and ephemera
The Collections - Artists (Getty Museum) - Advertising Vintage Posters/prints
Artcyclopedia: The Guide to Museum-Quality Art on the Internet homepage
GB Graphics Tijuana Bible Reprints
Medieval Woodcuts Clipart Collection
A Feast For The Eyes
Public Domain Pagan Clipart


Online Libraries and Museums / Musées, bibliothèques, banques d'images

L'Histoire de France par l'image - Tableaux des musées de France et archives nationales.
The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives
Browse The NYPL Digital Picture Collection(P)
Propaganda Posters
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Vintage Works - Vintage Master Photography
Table of contents
University of Washington Libraries' Digital Initiatives Program
ArtLex on African Art
African Art
SAN DIEGO MUSEUM of ART | The Binney Collection: South Asian Miniature Paintings
The Rudiments of Wisdom Cartoon Encyclopedia
Imagination Gallery B: American Treasures of the Library of Congress
Emblemata Online
University of Oxford Electronic Resources 
Vintage Travel Posters and Art Prints - 1-20
The Collections - Artists (Getty Museum)
Time Passages Nostalgia Company
retroCRUSH: the world's finest pop culture and Leo Sayer website
Time Passages Nostalgia Company


The Philosophers' Magazine on the net
Chick Publications (BD "chrétiennes" intégristes)
FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds
Avalanche Company: The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army
Jörgen Bergström's Photo Galleries at
Curious Punishments of Bygone Days
A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys
how to impress your date -
Kill 1 Kill 2 Kill 3 Kill 4 Kill 5 Kill 6 Kill 7 Kill 8 Kill 9 Kill 10 Kill 11
Worst-Case Scenarios